Lifting Equipment

For almost 50 years, lifting equipment has been manufactured at MBH’s facility in Mjosundet.
In the beginning, it was mostly boom/rig arrangements, light boat davits and trawl gallows.

Today, the most important categories of lifting equipment are
* Cranes and booms; link arm, straight boom, telescope
* Davits
* A frames

The company got itself a Class A expert early on, and the advantages of sea water resistant aluminium quickly showed, also within this market segment.

The small, but advanced, load-unload cranes that were delivered to the Norwegian mine sweepers during the first half of the nineties, are now being renovated for 20-30 more years of operation.

We now deliver lifting equipment both in steel and sea water resistant aluminium, depending on use and need. Partial use of external production capacity favors steel, where weight is unimportant.

All equipment is delivered complete,  normally with lifting winches from our own production, and completely certified,  as per requirements.
Equipment that is not covered by our own A Class expert, usually personell lifts and offshore equipment, are certified externally.
We consider it an advantage. It makes sure that there is an extra degree of objectivity for the most critical equipment.
We do of course deliver with certificate, according to all relevant standards and most acknowledged classification societies.