Roll Bollards & Traction Winches

In traction solutions, the pull unit is separated from the drum.

This is relevant when large amounts of rope or wire rope are to be handled, and we want the same high pull force all the way. In its simplest form, this can be a traction unit in the form of a warping head and a low oil consumption storage drum maintaing backside tension, like a traditional Scottish purse seine arrangement.

We have, among other things, delivered traction winch solutions for the warping of Seløy’s Nautilus Maxi cable laying vessel.

These are of the type “roll bollard” or “eight-catheads” since the rope is put in an 8-shape between the two catheads.


Here, the catheads have tracks for each laying of rope. All in all, this secures a good grip and careful rope handling; the rope can be put on the drum with little force, and without getting stuck.

With a winch in each corner of the barge, the ship master has full control of the progress. A large drum secures long laytime without stop before the anchors have to be moved.