Rescue Equipment

Vessels more than 24 meters long must have a Man Over Board (MOB) boat available for immediate launch.
Therefore, the MOB boat must at all times be coupled to an approved launching arrangement.

According to the SOLAS/SD regulations, we deliver
* MOB boat cranes 
* MOB boat davits
for MOB boats with a total weight in the range of 1000 kg to 2,5 tons.

Which is better suited, davit or crane, depends on the arrangements on board each separate boat.

The equipment is produced in sea water resistant aluminium and stainless steel; low maintenance and about half the weight compared to competing equipment. This equipment is often placed high in the boats, then the extra weight is often beneficial.

The equipment is delivered complete and with the necessary accumulator capacity, and possibly also with an electro hydraulic aggregate adapted to the need. According to SOLAS regulations, the equipment is characterized by

* capacity to operate with ordinary hydraulics
* capacity to operate on accumulator (limited cap; see SOLAS requirements)
* has emergency launching function
* can be operated from maneuvering position on board
* has launch-/emergency launching function that can be operated from MOB boat

Initial commissioning and later periodical control/classification is subject to strict requirements from SOLAS/the Norwegian Maritime Directorate. We are normally present at initial control and commissioning and later annual controls and main inspections every 5th year with change of wire rope and testing (class).

We have more than 20 years’ experience in constructing and manufacturing MOB boat cranes and davits.
The equipment has proved to be stable and maintenance free.

Both davits and cranes have been type approved by the DnV.