Side Thrusters

We deliver side thrusters in the power range of 40 – 330 HP.
We have delivered hydraulic side thrusters since 1990.

Qualities of our side thrusters

* Compact
* Easy to mount
* With steel or aluminium tunnel

We also have a type with
* counter rotating thrusters with extra high power

and we can deliver special arrangements like
* hinged; e.g. behind mirror on speed boat
* in revolving pod with hydraulic swing

Special grate
Usually, a grate leads to loss of energy and is only mounted where such protection is necessary.
Our specially developed grid has the opposite impact. Because of the construction, power is regained (not lost).
You notice this by the fact that the thrust is increased with our grid.

Complete delivery
The side thrusters are usually delivered complete with hydraulic facility and control, i.e. with
* pump
* tank with filter and temperature
* cooler and filter
* control panel with alarms

If you use a variable pump (recommended) with direct electric control for each thruster, you don’t have to use a control vent, and the piping becomes very simple.

You can read more about the various types on other pages on this website.