Winches for Seine, Danish Seine and Trawls

These were some of the first winch types we made.

The introduction of the shelter deck as an important innovation for improved working conditions at the inshore fishing fleet paved the way for another need; to get dangerous wire ropes and thereby winches away from the work deck. The alternative placement usually became the shelter deck. This led to stability problems which strongly contributed to put the focus on equipment weight. To us, winches in aluminium became a natural solution.

In the aftermath, manufacturers who mainly works for the fishing fleet has followed us in this.

This product segment constitutes less and less of our winch production.

We have completed designs for seine winches in the area x-yy mm wire rope, trawling winches (split or double) in the area x-yy mm.

Various designs for Danish seine operations with cathead winch and rope drums are also available.


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