Special Products for the Navy

For many years, we have delivered special products for the Norwegian Navy.

The largest single contract has been equipment for the Norwegian mine sweeping vessels, but also others.

The equipment for the mine sweepers was delivered more than 20 years ago, but these days it is being renovated for another 20 years of operation.



Winch bridge for mechanical sweep. During and after renovation.

In total, this delivery contained combined load / unload and MOB boat cranes, A frames and winches for mechanical, acoustic and magnetic sweeps, all special equipment with low magnetic signature and extra capacity to withstand shock loads.


Another delivery has been rocket launch pads for the Skjold class of MTB vessels. The equipment may look simple, but it was a demanding production with very strict requirements for precision and welding quality.


Rocket launching pads under production

Recently, we delivered all the winches for the new 20-meter Interceptor vessels from Dockstadvarvet for the Norwegian Navy – the so called August Nærø class of patrol boats.
Here, weight was probably decisive. These vessels are supposed to exceed a speed of more than 50 knots.