Highly Diversified Clientele

All our clients are affiliated with maritime industries, but we still have a highly diversified clientele;

* from clients in seismology and oil to high-speed passenger vessels
* from equipment for cable-laying vessels to service vessels for the fish farming industry
* from naval vessels and rescue equipment to fishing vessels

and these are just some of the most typical.

Common for all these, is that they in some way or other appreciate the qualities we usually build into our equipment as a part of our top competence

* low weight, use of sea water resistant aluminium
* low maintenance requirements, aluminium and stainless steel again. Read more [here]
* well tested standard solutions, but also
* an extreme degree of adaptation to the client’s requirements

Almost all our products have been based on the requirements of good and competent clients. So-called client driven innovation, a combination of new ideas, well tested solutions, and new solutions, is a part of every day life at the MBH.