Roll Damping Tanks

Our frequency controlled roll damping tanks must be adapted to each individual boat, but can also be adjusted to fit current loading and wave condition in the best possible way.

In 1982, we were allowed to test tanks like this on our product no. 112, “Skulbaren”, and since then, we have acquired more than 30 years of experience in the design and adjustment of individual boats.

The tanks are usually mounted on wheel house roofs and shelter decks.
This gives the best efficiency per liter tank volume and saves displacement.
Not all boats are suited for roll damping tanks.
We reject unsuitable projects.

We have delivered roll damping tanks for the whole spectrum of boat lengths (mostly fishing vessels) in the range of 10 – 60 metres.
The physics is the same anyway, but on very small boats, it could be difficult to find enough space.

Most feedback we get, indicates that it worked out better than expected, e.g. the skipper on the trawler “Mette Mari”, said, “The roll damping tank is the most fantastic anyone has ever seen on board the boat“.

To be able to estimate a price, we need some info about the boat. Contact us for more details.



To the left, Skulbaren (structured) with our first tank mounted under the wheelhouse during construction. The tank had a good effect. During a later extension, it was estimated to be too small, and a supplementary tank was mounted on the wheelhouse roof. As expected, the total effect was good.
To the right, a newly produced tank ready for delivery.