Winches for Anchor Handling

In practice, these are the main winches for the new class of service boats for the fish farming industry.

Service boats are in constant development. To the MBH, it is an important secondary goal to continuously contribute to the development of future winches and deck equipment for this important industry.  New national security requirements for these boats also apply to the equipment. The MBH, with its winches and control systems, is at the very forefront of this development.

This development started more than 25 years ago; the first winches for fish farming boats were initially a simplified anchor winch with extra tractive force; 7 tons, later 12 t, 15 t etc. We still sell these, mainly as auxiliary winches or winches for smaller boats.

New Basic Design:
About 3 years ago, we developed a new basic design for winches of over 40 tons. This has been so successful that our winches of 40-100 tons are still based on this.

The typical service boat winch now has a max tractive force of between 20 and 80 tons and large drum capacity. Please note that with the new national regulations for service boats and anchor handling, the division between kedge winches and tugging winches is about to be erased.

From 40 tons and up, our winches are usually delivered with 2-speed hydraulic gearing which makes high power and moderate speed or high speed and reduced speed possible. In any case, speed can be adjusted from zero and up.

Double Winches:
Complex operations on work decks have led to the development of the double winch, where one smaller winch is mounted on the top of the main winch. Typically 40+15, 60+20 or 80+30 tons. Such winches are normally mounted against rear bulkheads in superstructures/wheel houses, often with integrated tugging hooks and tension measurements against programmable display.

Tugging Hook:
If a tugging hook is needed, a mounting beam can be integrated into the foundation. This is a practical solution which also shows the tugging power on the display when the winch is equipped with tension measurement on weighing cells.

Electronic Control and Tension Measurement:
A programmable, electronic winch control with touch screen combined with length measurement and tension measurement on weighing cells, makes it possible to keep full overview of work operations. The operator inserts the dimensions, length and diameter of the ropes, in addition to the stated resistance of breaking, and the system assures automatic control of the heave power so that the rope always has at least 2,5 x safety, according to applicable regulations.


We are proud that the client list for these products includes most large fish farming companies, service companies and all important Norwegian manufacturers of this ship type.

If you need to discuss winches and equipment for a new service boat, go to our contact info here.