Our specialty is hydraulic ship equipment in sea water resistant aluminium and stainless steel.

In other words that:
–       Winches and capstans
–       Cranes and other lifting equipment
–       MOB davits and cranes
–       Side thrusters
–       Special products and
–       System solutions. LARS

is a comprehensive short list of the main part of our product spectrum.
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Choosing material and combinations:
We primarily use sea water resistant aluminium as construction material, and our first choice for supplementary material is stainless (usually acid proof) steel. You can read more about aluminium here.

A good alternative to stainless steel in standard bolts and screws which are easily exchangeable, could be heat galvanized steel. Then there will be no need for a barrier against the alu material, as long as the galvanization is intact. When all the zinc has been used up, bolts like this have to be exchanged.

Even if the basic material is sea water resistant aluminium, it is unavoidable that drive gears and valves etc. will be in different types of steel. Then it is important with a satisfying barrier between the basic material and the component to avoid galvanic corrosion.
We have extensive experience with this, and normally this does not imply abnormal problems or damage.

A good measurement system of everything of steel and similar materials, like aluminium, is also helpful here.
We perform varnish work under controlled conditions according to most current standards.


Operation of equipment – high pressure hydraulics – electric alternatives
Most of our equipment (winches, cranes, side thrusters etc.) is designed for operation with high pressure hydraulics, usually in the range of 180 – 350 bar.
Often, we then deliver complete packages with hydraulic equipment, pumps, tank, valves and control panels.

Good hydraulics solutions require extensive experience within this field.
We are a team that has worked with hydraulics for many years. Some have more than 30 years’ experience.
In addition, we use only leading suppliers that we can trust. All in all, this creates safety.

High pressure hydraulics is the most compact energy transference possible.
This applies to both volume and weight.
The energy density in a hydraulics engine is usually 10 times higher than in an electrical engine.

High pressure hydraulics also has good control possibilities, and this is to an increasing degree combined with advanced electronics and programmable logic controls (PLS).

An example of how advanced this can become, is the mobile LARS system we delivered to Seabed for operations down to 2500 meters. Here, electronic movement sensors are combined with crane, hydraulics facilities and control systems, so that wire rope and loads hang tranquilly in the sea without moving, even if the sea around the boat is rough.

Electric drive
Some vessels are now being build based on a philosophy of a complete electric operation of everything on board.
Other times, electric power is most easily available on the mounting space.
To meet these demands, we also develop and deliver equipment with alternative electric drive.
To achieve good control, we most often deliver with a frequency changer.

Whether a frequency changer and direct electric drive or electric drive HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit) and standard hydraulic equipment is most convenient has to be decided for each project.
We can often help with clearing up these kinds of discussions. We will be happy to receive your request concerning this topic.