HPUs and Hydraulics Installations

Together with deliveries of equipment, we often deliver hydraulics installations; pump(s), tank, filter, possibly cooler and ventilation package/control system.

This normally takes place in close cooperation with the client, so that we assure that the installation is adjusted to power supply, requirements and the degree of simultaneity.

A compact version of this is the hydraulic aggregate, often called HPU (Hydraulic Power Unit), where operation is included.
If the operation is electric, it is very important to establish the speed of electricity flow and whether the aggregate should be delivered with a starter unit.

In the case of diesel operation, it is equally important to survey the requirements to get the best possible choice of engine.
HPUs with diesel operation can sometimes appear as complete, separate, all-inclusive engine rooms.

One example of this is the HPUs for the side thruster pods for SeaWalk.
Here, the HPU and the revolving side thrusters constitute an autonomous system which can operate the SeaWalk completely independently as long as there is diesel on the tank.