Anchor Winches

Our first drum based anchor winch in sea water resistant aluminium, for anchor arrangements with wire rope and a short length of chain cable, was delivered with DnV class certificate on board our boat no. 115 “Jamo Junior” in 1985. I.e. we have more than 30 years’ experience within construction, production and testing of anchor winches in aluminium.

All our anchor winches are designed and tested according to established class requirements.

The winches are as standard delivered with a fixed drum, but versions with one or two drums, cathead and free coupling of drum/drums kan also be delivered.

For pure chain arrangements, we can also deliver winches with messenger drive; both with and without free coupling and cathead, or with double messenger.

We can now offer DnV type approved anchor winches which conform to DnV chain requirements in the range of 14K2 – 30K2. These winches can also be delivered with cathead and free coupling as an option.

Anchor winches in other sizes are also available, but then with a special classification in each separate case.

Thus far, we have delivered anchor winches with a holding power of up to 100 tons.

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