Cranes and Booms

Our first purely “break arm” crane was developed in the 1980s; with design control at SINTEF as a safety precaution.

The crane was developed as a light alternative for shelter deck or wheel house mounting on our own newly built products; sea water resistant aluminium was a natural choice of material.
In addition, the crane got a completely special swing construction, almost with no wear and very strong.
Some of these cranes are still being used daily, after 25-30 years.

A supersize 10,5 tm version of these first cranes were later developed and delivered to Norwegian mine sweepers in the early 1990s. These cranes are now being renovated at the MBH for additional decades of service.

A crane from the MBH is a high quality special product developed to satisfy very specific requirements.  Some of these have later become standard products. From our product specter, we can mention:

* Special crane for the Norwegian Society for Sea Rescue – low weight, extremely low height
* Sherrypicker cranes for the PGS – cranes with self adjusting work platform and flexible stern mounting.
* Various loading cranes
* Crane for transportable LARS with container measures – integrated, compact with telescope and heave compensation
* Various offshore cranes 18-75 tm – special design, for work very close to a crane foot, among other things.
* Offshore crane 75 tm – special design, can be folded down sideways to be mounted on helicopter decks.

In addition, a lot of other cranes and boom solutions.
All characterized by our our ability to meet special client needs in a completely different way than what can normally be achieved with mass produced cranes.

If you have special maritime lifting needs – get in touch for a crane talk.