MBH has signed an order for delivery of equipment packages for two new service boats to FSV.


The equipment package includes four anchor handling winches; all four winches are equipped with emergency quick release, tension measuring and pulling force limitation system.

Tension measuring and pulling force limitation works so that when the operator punches in the breakage load for a specific rope and drum, the winch automatically limits maximal pulling force to 40% of rope breaking load and 40% of drums max braking force, according to regulations.

FSV has chosen MBH to be the sole supplier for the complete deck package EX cranes.

We also deliver 250 HP thrusters with electric power.


The order includes:

  • 2 off Anchor winch type 1-AV-20,5K2
  • 2 off Anchor handling winches type 1-VA-15,0-AHB-SAI
  • 2 off Anchor handling winches type 1-VA-60-AHB-SAI
  • 2 off Shark jaws and guiding pins type SH1
  • 2 off Thor rope locks type TT1 SWL 5 ton
  • 2 off Connection Plate Holder type LPH20
  • 2 off Tugger winch type 1-VA-6,0-AHB
  • 6 off Capstan type CA-2,0-320-AHB-SM
  • 6 off Mechanical foot pedals
  • 2 off Joint panels for double winch SH1, LPH20 and TT1 SWL 5 ton
  • 2 off Radio controllers type HBC FST 727 Linus 4
  • 2 off electro hydraulic aggregates 3x60kW


The order also includes:

  • 4 off 250 HP Thrusters with electric power type S-250-800-EL


We thank for the order!