MBH has signed an order for an equipment package to Sletta Verft AS, bnr 170.


The equipment package includes two anchor handling winches; all both winches are equipped with emergency quick release, tension measuring and pulling force limitation system.

Tension measuring and pulling force limitation works so that when the operator punches in the breakage load for a specific rope and drum, the winch automatically limits maximal pulling force to 40% of rope breaking load and 40% of drums max braking force, according to regulations.


The order includes deck equipment:

  • 1 off Anchor winch type 1-AV-22K2
  • 1 off Anchor handling winch type 1-VA-40-AHB-SAI
  • 1 off Warping winch type 1-AV-15,0-AHB-SAI
  • 2 off Capstan type CA-5,0-320-AHB-SM
  • 1 off Capstan type CA-2,0-320-AHB-SM
  • 1 off Tugger winch type 1-MV-10-AHB

The order also includes a complete 3 x 60kW electrohydraulic aggregate.


We thank Sletta Verft for the order!